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I wasn't sure about seeing someone who was essentially a sports physio but I needed to get treatment quickly as I was in agony around my neck and shoulder area. Immediately any reservations I had vanished. Peter understood exactly what my problem was, performed a thorough assessment and the treatment was fantastic. Within two days of the treatment, and recommended exercises, I was back to normal. Would thoroughly recommend Corder Physio, especially to those who have a "desk job". Professional, thorough and reliable.

- Katie Teesdale

Dear Corder Physio,

I am writing to you to thank you for your expertise and patience. I was referred for treatment to you following a car accident in November 2011. I suffered an injury to my back (a trapped nerve) as a result of this accident and received 12 physiotherapy sessions with Corder Physio. I was both surprised and greatly relieved when the treatment you performed completely resolved the pain and discomfort in my back. I was given exercises to do at home for in between my sessions with you which increased the strength in my back and helped me recover quicker.

A few months later I was unfortunate enough to be involved in another car accident which caused a neck injury (suspected fracture to the C5). I had no hesitation in asking my insurance company to refer me back to Corder Physio when treatment was advised. Again you worked your magic and my once painful neck was soon more flexible and pain free. Exercises were really helpful, again in my recovery process. I would have no qualms in recommending Corder Physio to anyone requiring physiotherapy treatment.

Thank you very much Corder Physio

Yours sincerely

- Michael J Lakey

Pete is one of the most dedicated physios that I have come across since I first became involved in football three years ago. He has a high level of technical competence and impressive attention to detail. I have found him to be highly personable and I know he is held in the highest esteem with players and medical staff alike. I consider Pete a valued professional colleague and friend with the highest integrity who I have contacted in confidence to discuss problematic patients on many occasions. I would have no hesitation in recommending his service to a club and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

- Ronan Mc Carthy, Neuromusculoskeletal Consultant

I have worked with countless physiotherapists over the course of my 30 year career as a consultant in orthopaedics and trauma, initially with the Air Force and their excellent rehabilitation units and more recently NHS and privately at Peterborough hospitals. I have worked in sports injuries dealing with motorcycling injuries on the Isle of Man, equestrian injuries at Burghley Horse Trials and have looked after Peterborough United Football Club for the last eight years in terms of any musculo-skeletal injuries which need specialist review and hospitalisation.

Over the last three years I have worked with Peter Corder in his role as senior physiotherapist for the Peterborough United Football Team and I have been impressed always with Peter's enthusiasm, his dedication to his job and his medical expertise. Often I will be required to investigate some of the top athletes more for reassurance and outlook rather than to confirm a diagnosis and it is reassuring to know that Peter is almost always correct in his diagnosis which is subsequently confirmed by specialist review and examination including MRI scans, xrays., etc. His knowledge, his concern for the wellbeing of his patients and his overall ability mean I would have no hesitation in recommending him for assessment and treatment of the whole range of physiotherapy interventions, particularly sports injuries.

- G W Varley BSc FRCS (ORTH), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon